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7 Best Islamic Forex Broker & How to Create Islamic Forex Account

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We are going to tell you 7 Best Islamic Forex Broker & How to Create Islamic Forex Account in this our platform

An Islamic Forex account is a halal account that follows the Riba requirements of the Shariah (interest accumulation).

Because they do not charge interest on open positions kept overnight, some Islamic Forex accounts charge fees or have wider spreads than conventional Forex accounts.

We setup a live trading account with each broker and chatted with customer support to learn more about how interest-related changes are removed.

While Islamic Forex accounts often feature the same trading terms as conventional Forex accounts, our investigation searched for trading restrictions, additional fees, and larger spreads to compensate for the money lost due to the lack of interest.


Best Islamic Forex Broker

Is it possible to open an Islamic account on Forex?

Micro, Premium, Auto, and Zero Spread Islamic accounts are available. Except that overnight holdings are not subject to swap or rollover fees, the Islamic trading conditions are identical to those of a conventional trading account.

MetaTrader 4, Webtrader, and others are examples of various trading systems. (Click here to get a list of all trading instruments.) USD or EUR as the account currency)



Is it permissible to trade in Islam?

The “majority of Islamic scholars” believe that sharia prohibits margin trading, day trading, options, and futures. Purchasing stocks is commonly believed to be permissible. This is due to the fact that you are merely a stakeholder in a corporation.



How to Open a Forex Account That Is Islamic Muslim

traders must first register for a trade before opening an Islamic Forex account. To open a halal trading account, you must first open an MT5 account and then supply the needed documentation.

When you receive confirmation that your Islamic Forex account is open, you can make your initial deposit using your selected payment method and begin trading on the Halal Exchange. Opening an Islamic trading account is now easier than ever. You can request a withdrawal of your profits or funds at any time using your online account.

You can start with a risk-free Islamic trading trial account if you like. While using virtual funds, you’ll be able to access genuine market conditions. They’re also totally unrestricted!



7 Best Forex Brokers

1. Muslims – Open a trading account with the top Islamic forex broker in the world. is the place to go if you’re looking for the best Islamic forex broker account. is the best account for Islamic traders for the following reasons. does not impose any further expenses to replace swaps – no administrative fees, no spread widening.

A swap-free account is available to all Islamic merchants around the world. has a wide range of products to choose from. a trading account that doesn’t have any swaps



2. FP Markets is a top-notch broker with low spreads.

FP Markets is one of the most reputable Best Islamic Forex Broker  in the market, with some of the best spreads on its tradable instruments. FP Markets is one of the best swap-free accounts for the following reasons:

ECN price margins are razor-thin.

All FP Markets clients will benefit from this.

There will be no exchanges or admin during a ten-day period.



3. Pepperstone is an ECN forex broker that offers the most competitive spreads.

Pepperstone is a forex broker based in Australia that specializes in trading forex, commodities, and indices. Pepperstone is one of the best brokers for Islamic accounts for the following reasons:

The administrative costs are quite low (in place of swaps) On average

Standard Account spreads are the smallest.

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4. Excellent Swap-Free Trading at IC Markets.

IC Markets is the place to go if you’re a Muslim looking for the best Islamic forex broker account. Note* In addition to the tier-one FX licenses (ASIC and CySEC), IC Markets Global’s Seychelles-based firm, which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority, accepts Muslim traders from all over the world (FSA).

According to Islamic law, Muslims are not allowed to receive or charge interest. IC Markets provides swap-free Islamic trading accounts to fulfill the growing global demand for Islamic financing, in which the broker does not charge interest.



5. Axi Is a set of useful MetaTrader 4 add-ons.

Another well-known Australian forex broker, Axi (formerly known as AxiTrader), offers an Islamic forex broker account.

Axi, like Pepperstone, does not have a dedicated Islamic account landing page on its website. Instead, after opening an Axi Standard or Pro account, you must sign a document from your client login site to indicate that you wish your account to become swap-free.

When using the Axi MT4 or MT5 platforms to trade on an Islamic account, you’ll see that the.swf suffix has been added to FX majors, minors, and metals in the market view.



6. FXTM is a CySEC-registered forex broker.

Another popular option for forex traders looking for a swap-free trading option is FXTM, a CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) authorized broker.

While FXTM offers Islamic forex broker accounts, Muslim traders should be aware of a few conditions before choosing a broker.

Link to: Best Islamic Forex Broker



7. The greatest CFD trading account is provided by ThinkMarkets.

ThinkMarkets is a multi-asset online brokerage that is more than just a forex broker. This is seen in the wide variety of CFDs they offer to the Islamic trading community.
An Islamic Forex account, also known as a swap-free account, can be opted after opening an account with a broker.

They’re designed for Islamic traders who don’t want to make money off of interest payments. Most Forex brokers can accommodate Islamic customers by providing swap-free Shari’ah-compliant trading accounts.

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