Best Shitcoins to Invest in 2022 – Learn How to Identify a Shitcoin Before Investing

Best Shitcoins to Invest in 2022 – Learn How to Identify a Shitcoin Before Investing

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Shitcoins are cryptocurrencies with little or no value, or digital currencies with no obvious purpose. These coins are uncommon and have no monetary value.

Best Shitcoins to Invest in 2022 – Learn How to Identify a Shitcoin Before Investing

What exactly is a Shitcoin?

A shitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has no value or worth and is therefore worthless. These cryptocurrencies were created as clones – currencies that brought nothing new to the crypto space.

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How to Spot a Shitcoin

• The developers are enigmatic.

The people behind a project should be reliable, not a random group of people with fictitious names. You should not buy stock from an unknown company. If the developers have identified themselves through a video or a post that includes their contact information. This information will make them much more trustworthy, and their appearance will be much less likely to be a scam.


•The project makes lofty claims but lacks defined functionalities.

Anyone can devise enticing goals and promises. However, not just anyone can provide a roadmap for how those goals will be met. If a project lacks defining functionality, it is untrustworthy.


  • Aspects of the project appear to be copied or generic.

If a project’s website appears generic or uses a free domain, this should raise an eyebrow. It demonstrates a lack of the authenticity of a well-developed project. Furthermore, if the white paper differs from that of other popular projects, it’s most likely a forgery designed to fool people into thinking they’re safe. Alternatively, if it’s written in such technical jargon that it’s difficult to understand, it’s probably a shitcoin.


• Determine the number of holders.

According to experts, any new coin worth investing in should have at least 200 to 300 holders. Any coin that does not meet that criterion is unhealthy and not worth investing in. Likewise, any healthy new coin should have five to ten transactions per minute. That will show you the best Shitcoins to Invest on.


• Think about the liquidity pool.

The liquidity pool is regarded as the driving force behind the majority of decentralized exchanges. If the project you’re considering investing in doesn’t have at least $30,000 in it, it’s most likely a shitcoin. Low numbers should not be taken into account.


How to Purchase  best Shitcoins to Invest

Install the Trust Wallet app.

Sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange that sells BNB (Binance coin)

Invest in BNB

BNB should be sent to the Trust Wallet BNB address.

Switch from BNB to Smart Chain

Integrating Trust Wallet with PancakeSwap

Launch DApps in your Trust Wallet.

Paste the PancakeSwap website address (Home | PancakeSwap) into the DApps search bar and press enter.

Change the PancakeSwap platform’s top right corner icon to Smart Chain.

Wallet should connect automatically, and then you click Trade.

Then, with your BNB, buy the Shitcoin of your choice.


When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Shitcoin?

Shitcoins typically have no value, and if you must invest in them, you must be active and monitor how the price moves. When the market is mooning, it is the best time to sell your shitcoin (that is when the price goes up).


The Top Shitcoins to Invest in in 2022

Although this is subjective, the following are some of the more well-known shitcoins in the cryptocurrency market:


Dogecoin (DOGE)

The Dogecoin cryptocurrency (DOGE) is one of the best Shitcoins to Invest. This is a meme-based cryptocurrency based on a funny picture of a Shiba Inu dog named Doge. Influencers’ encouragement and hype have contributed significantly to the coin’s success.


BitTorrent (BTT)

Best Shitcoins to invest is the BitTorrent protocol (BTT).

BTT was a token based on the BitTorrent file-sharing platform. The platform was already operational and existed without a token, prompting many to label BTT as a “shitcoin.” The total number of tokens available is one trillion.


Dent (DENT)

One of the best Shitcoins to Invest blemish (DENT) because it have a good potential. DENT is a cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase mobile phone plans. However, many people believe that the application does not require blockchain technology and that it actually works better without it. Many see it as a way to profit from cryptocurrency success.

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Tron is one of the best Shitcoins to Invest in 2022.

TRX was created in order to power the Tron blockchain. However, because the whitepaper appears to be plagiarized, some have questioned Tron’s legitimacy. It is regarded as a shitcoin.

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Shiba Inu (SHIB)

among the best Shitcoins to Invest in the year 2022 is the Shiba Inu.

With the success of Dogecoin, SHIB was created as a token simply named after the Shiba Inu dog breed. It serves no purpose and has nothing to do with blockchains or decentralized applications.

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Among the best Shitcoins to Invest is the Ripple.

At the time of writing, the price was $1.10.

$110.17 billion in market capitalization

Ripple is a payment platform that allows money to flow freely via XRP on a public ledger that is why is among the best Shitcoins to Invest. A simple concept, but one that hundreds of financial institutions (including Bank of America) are already implementing. Though some analysts (such as Zhiyuan Sun of The Motley Fool) have labeled Ripple a “speculative investment at best” due to, among other things, competition from SWIFT, others believe it is undervalued, and its value has been dampened by some old court cases.

In short, Ripple has been lagging recently, but if this bull market period continues, with Ripple trends being positively correlated with BTC movements, it may be due for an upward move.

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The Wakanda Inu

Best Shitcoins to Invest is the Wakanda Inu. Following the success of Shiba Inu, African developers collaborated to create a new coin similar to Shiba Inu. Wakanda Inu was initially launched as a shitcoin, and the coin has already made people millionaires in less than 6 days. You can still purchase Wakanda Inu and board the moving train.

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At the time of writing, the price was $0.4349.

$2,538,920,198.39 in market capitalization

Chiliz claims to be the world’s leading provider of blockchain fintech for sports and entertainment that is why is one of the best Shitcoins to Invest. It created the sports fan engagement platform, which is based on Chiliz’ blockchain infrastructure and uses $CHZ as its sole on-platform currency. Chiliz is essentially a currency option for blockchain-backed products and services, but with a focus on mainstream consumers.

In a nutshell, it revolves around football and betting, both of which are large markets. Long-term potential exists.

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One of the best Shitcoins to Invest is the safeMoon because it have a very good potential.

SafeMoon is a DeFi token (Decentralized Finance). It was released on March 8, 2021. SafeMoon is ranked #207 in the crypto market as of this writing, with a capitalization capital of more than $1 billion, according to CoinMarketCap. That is why is among the best Shitcoins to Invest in 2022.

The Binance Smart Chain blockchain was used to create the token. Its protocol serves three purposes: reflection, acquisition of liquidity pools, and burn.

This cryptocurrency made headlines due to the interest shown by celebrities such as Logan Paul and rapper Lil Yachty. Its tagline, ‘Safely to the Moon,’ has also contributed to its success. SafeMoon will soon launch its NFT and marketplace, as well as a coin launchpad for users to create their own cryptocurrencies.

Due to its low liquidity, investing in SafeMoon may be riskier than investing in other shitcoins.



Floki is among the best Shitcoins to Invest in 2022.

It gets its name from Elon Musk’s pet dog, Floki. In terms of the cryptocurrency market, Floki Inu is ranked #2792 on CoinMarketCap in November 2021.

According to the official Floki website, this cryptocurrency was created by Shiba Inu supporters. Nonetheless, this shitcoin made significant profits in a matter of months. This increase can be attributed to another of Musk’s tweets, which featured his puppy Floki.

Regardless, this did not last long, as cryptocurrencies, particularly meme coins, are notoriously volatile in the crypto market.

This token, however, is linked to a number of projects, making it distinct from your typical shitcoin. Kimbal Musk’s Floki has officially partnered with millions of Garden Movements to address food insecurity (brother of Elon Musk).

Floki also has a number of upcoming flagship projects, including Floki Inuversity, NFT, a metaverse NFT gaming Valhalla, and Flokiplaces (merchandise marketplace).

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Mars, Dogelon

One of the best Shitcoins to Invest is the Dogelon Mars.  A spin and fork of the well-known Dogecoin. As a joke, this altcoin followed in the footsteps of Dogecoin and eventually became a popular cryptocurrency.

Dogelon Mars (ELON) was released in April 2021, at the height of Dogecoin’s popularity. This was also the time when a slew of new cryptos modeled after Dogecoin appeared. One of these was ELON, which claimed to be able to repair the damage caused by scam tokens.

Dogelon Mar’s token is ranked #115 in the crypto market, with a market cap of $895 million as of November 30th.

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Shitcoins are high-risk investments that most cryptocurrency enthusiasts should avoid. Shitcoins may present an opportunity to make large profits for investors with high risk tolerance. However, make certain that you fully understand the coins’ short-term and long-term potential.

Once you’re comfortable with the risks, invest small amounts and take profits on a regular basis to avoid losing money.


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