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How to Buy Truth Social Stock

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For someone who understands how to acquire true social stock, there are numerous options.

The Truth Social Stock is a stock with immediate upside potential.

Another social media network started by former President Donald Trump is Truth Social Stock.

This platform has pledged to set itself apart from other well-known social news sources by committing to providing a “open, free, and authentic global dialogue without regard for political ideology.”


So far, what do we know about Truth Social?

In February 2021, former President Donald Trump established the Trump Media technology group. Trump Media plans to build an on-demand streaming platform (TMTG+) in addition to Truth Social.

Trump Media announced a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corporation in October 2021, a special purpose acquisition company (or “blank check business”) that would allow Trump Media to become a publicly traded corporation without having to issue an IPO.

Patrick Orlando, formerly of Deutsche Bank and Benessere Capital, is the CEO of Digital World Acquisition Corp.

In September 2021, Digital World Acquisition Corporation conducted its initial public offering (IPO), with a single share priced at $10. Digital World’s stock is now trading at roughly $75 as of March 3, 2022.

Truth Social stock was released for Apple IOS users in the United States on February 21, 2022, and soon rose to the top of the app store’s “Top Charts.” Truth Social received 170,000 downloads the first day it was released in Apple’s app store, according to AppTopia.

However, there were numerous allegations of users struggling to complete registration or being placed on a 100,000-strong user ‘waitlist’ when the app first launched.

Truth Social was completely unavailable during a 12-hour period, and it has garnered mixed reviews from the mainstream media. Several sites stated that Donald Trump was heard ranting about the app into his phone; oddly enough, some three weeks after its introduction, the former President has yet to post on the platform.

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Is it wise to invest in Truth Social Stock?

When the merger agreement is completed, you can purchase Trump Media shares from any online or traditional broker. It is important to note that learning how to buy truth social stock will not be difficult.

If you need to contribute right now, you can acquire stock in the DWAC SPAC, which is traded on the Nasdaq. Knowing how to buy truth social stock is a huge step forward for you.

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Will Truth Social stock be listed on the stock exchange?

Without a doubt, no.

In October 2021, Trump Media will merge with Digital World Acquistion Corporation, a special purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC).

For example, DWAC is a special purpose acquisition company that has no commercial operations of its own and was formed to combine with and acquire cash for an existing firm.

If the merger is approved, Digital World will fund Trump Media with $293 million, and investors will be allowed to buy TMTG stock.

However, according to various sources, the SEC is unlikely to approve the merger between DWAC and TMTG because it is prohibited for a SPAC to discuss merging with a possible target before it is listed as a corporation.

Multiple reports claim that Trump and DWAC CEO Patrick Orlando discussed a merger in the past, and that the SPAC was created exclusively for the TMTG merger — clearly in violation of SEC requirements.

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Stock Price Reality

There is no expense to offer an account of how much a single  Truth Social stock  would cost because it is not currently a public social media trading platform.

The most reliable technique to determine an underlying IPO price is to compare it to the prices of other social media companies.

We may use the IPO opening price of comparable social media companies to get a sense of what’s in store for a pricing when the company goes public.


Previous 52 Week High: $80.75

Opening Price of Stock: $26.00


Previous 52 Week High: $384.33

Opening Price of Stock: $38.00


Previous 52 Week High: $89.90

Opening Price of Stock: $19.00


With a social media platform that distinguishes itself from its competitors by promising clients both a free and open insight as well as the massive after former President Donald Trump has even after leaving office, one could deduce that if Truth Social ever opens up to the world, the price of their IPO could fall somewhere between $15 and $85.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn how to purchase genuine social stock.

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The Following is Important Information About DWAC Stock:

  1. The new company will be listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol TMTG. DWAC shares will also be absent from all SPACs following the consolidation.

2. Digital World Acquisition was formed in mid-2021, just after Trump was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

3. This business isn’t all that new. According to The Verge, TMTG was incorporated in the state of Delaware in February 2021, but managed to remain hidden until its recent statement.

4. The company’s website includes a slideshow investor show, promoting what it believes as an opportunity to shake up Big Tech. It ensures that Truth Social and other TMTG brands will compete with Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) and Disney (NYSE: DIS) (NYSE: DS).

5. Patrick Orlando, the CEO of DWAC, had a five-year journey prior to his current position at Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB). Before Trump’s foray into legislative matters, Deutsche was the biggest moneylender in the country. Orlando’s area of expertise was building business sectors with fixed pay subsidiaries.

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On DWAC, how do I buy truth social stock?

With its Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ on July 8, 2020, Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC) became a publicly traded company.

The Trump Media and Technology Group, which will oversee the stage’s operations, has effectively agreed to merge with Digital World Acquisition (NASDAQ: DWAC).

There will be a beta lunch in November and public releases in early 2022, so there will be no more misunderstandings.

When the company releases official information, this guide on how to acquire truth social stock will be updated.

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The Facts on DWAC Stock

The stock of DWAC has risen significantly since the announcement of the consolidation.

It has increased by over 85% throughout the main trading hour and shows no signs of decreasing. Knowing how to purchase truth social stock will come in handy when the time comes.

These features are essential for the acquiring business, whose offers had been stuck at little over $10 per month prior to the announcement.

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What about the rivalry?

Naturally, the social media industry is saturated, and Donald Trump is far from alone in his desire to compete with Facebook and Twitter. Retail traders may choose to buy shares in other social media firms now that Truth Social stock is unavailable.

Truth Social stock isn’t the only ‘anti-big-Tech’ microblogging network to appear in recent years. Although critics have alleged that both Gab and Parler are breeding grounds for far right beliefs, both apps claim to be social media sites that encourage free expression.

As of March 2022, neither Gab nor Parler are publicly traded, which means you can’t buy stock in either firm right now. However, if you believe the media landscape will change dramatically in the future years, you should keep an eye out for news of an initial public offering.

Of course, the most difficult obstacle to any social media platform’s success is competition — with so many established free apps with similar features, a newcomer will need a lot of momentum to get off the ground.

Why not consider some other stocks if you believe chat apps will continue to prosper in the near future but don’t want to wait for Truth Social stock to enter the market? Facebook, Twitter, Zoom, and Slack, for example, are all publicly traded, which means you can acquire shares now and diversify your portfolio.


We hope that this article will be useful in guiding you through on How to Buy Truth Social Stock.

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