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Is BETU Token a Good Investment in 2022

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Welcome to the Xcoinshall Is BETU Token a Good Investment in 2022 and analysis page. In this post, we’ll look at, Is BETU token a good Investment? (a crypto gaming platform token) and determine whether it’s a good investment or not.


BETU Token – What Is It?

The official currency of the platform is the BETU token, which is a utility token. BetU is a peer-to-peer sports, esports, and cryptocurrency betting platform. That what make betu token a good investment.  BetU aspires to be a market leader in the $391 billion dollar global business. That why betu token a good investment you should try.

With the goal of capturing a major piece of the global betting market from companies such as:


Willam Hills





Tokenomics and Details of the BETU Token

The Betu token a good investment, is the only form of currency in the BetU marketplace and powers the whole ecosystem.

Within the platform, the BETU utility token will be the exclusive form of payment. To put bets on the platform, fiat and other cryptocurrencies must be converted to BETU tokens, just like casino chips must be used to play tables in a casino.

For the following purposes, the BETU token will be used:

  1. Betting: BETU Tokens are required for all bets.

2. The BetU Charity helps vulnerable youngsters who are affected by gambling addiction.

3. BETU Tokens are used to reward the most successful bettors.

4. Staking: To gain incentives, all BETU Token holders can stake their tokens.

5. BETU Tokens are burned after each winning bet and when bettors attempt to cheat.

6. Referees: Referees are required to have BETU tokens and are compensated for their efforts.

7. Honesty Reserves: During a bet, BETU Tokens are held to encourage honest results.

8. Whale owners benefit: Whale owners will not have to pay any winning fees.

9. Governance of the BetU platform: BETU Token holders will have voting rights over the BetU ecosystem.



ICO/Presale of BETU Token

betu token a good investment and is looking to raise $5,375,000 through an ICO.

During the presale, 2.5 percent of the BetU token will be sold.

The public auction will begin on August 16th, 2021, and will offer 25% of the BetU token supply.

At the conclusion of the ICO, BetU will be listed on September 2021 is the target date for a top 10 exchange listing.

BETU Token Distribution

Public Sale – 25%

Team – 20%

Marketing / Partnerships – 10%

User Incentives / Bonuses – 10%

Foundation – 10%

Exchanges / Liquidity – 10%

First Year Staking Rewards – 7.5%

Advisors – 2.5%

Institutional Investors / VC’s – 2.5%

Pre Sale – 2.5%


betu token a good investment?

BetU will be a betting exchange. It will serve as a conduit between Bet Makers and Bet Takers. Users will be able to look for specific bets based on sports, leagues, players, bet types, odds, and other criteria. That is why betu token a good investment.

The BETU token is the only form of currency in the BetU marketplace and powers the whole ecosystem.

To put it another way, in order to interact with the BETU platform, you must hold the BETU token. This will make it easier to use the BETU token and raise the buy/sell rate.

Now, how likely is it that individuals will desire to use the BETU Platform?


Based on our observations,

The action of making wagers on the outcome of sporting events is known as sports betting.

European football/soccer, tennis, American football, horse racing, basketball, golf, and boxing/MMA are the most popular sports by betting volume, and BETU platforms offer these capabilities.

Sports betting is the most popular form of online gambling in Europe, accounting for 41% of total gaming revenue, followed by casinos (34%), and lotteries (15%).

Europe accounted for 45.9% of the entire online sports betting market in 2020, followed by North America (25.5%) and Asia (20.5%).

We may conclude from this data that the sport betting sector is far larger than the whole value of cryptocurrency market capitalization.

Link To Brokers Website


BETU is now providing a platform for sports betting, which is a booming market right now.

With these assumptions, we can conclude that the betu token a good investment, not ont a good investment but a long-term investment

The following subhead will discuss the BETU platform’s roadmap, which will assist us determine if they have an inside strategy to make the BETU token a goldmine.



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Roadmap for the BETU Token

Recruit the starting team in Q2 – 2021.

BetU should be incorporated.

Prepare legal documents for an initial coin offering (ICO).

Partnership for development of Sotatek

Create a website for the token sale as well as a dashboard.

Begin designing and developing a betting platform.


Launch the token sale website and dashboard in the third quarter of 2021.

The promotion of an ICO

Hold a pre-sale and a public auction.

Event for token production and listing on PancakeSwap

Staking for the first year begins.

Listing on one of the top ten exchanges

Fill out an application for an initial online gaming license.

The betting platform is available in both web and mobile versions.



4th quarter – 2021

Get your first online gambling license.

Platform testing is now complete.

The first version of the betting platform is released.

Bets put on BetU for the first time

Collect user input and start working on V2

Listing on one of the top five stock exchanges

Rapidly expand your user base

Apps for iPhone and Android.


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