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Samoyed Coin Price Prediction & How to Buy Samoyed Coin

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What exactly is a Samoyed Coin?

The Samoyed coin is a cryptocurrency based on the Solana blockchain that has recently gained popularity as a result of its rise in the crypto market.

Since meme coins have grown popular in the crypto industry, it’s no surprise that the Samoyed coin, which is a meme coin, is generating a lot of interest and buzz among investors and crypto users.

It’s critical to grasp the Samoyed coin trends because they’re built on top of a solid blockchain that has proven its worth time and time again. This can aid investors in making sound selections about where to put their money.

The following is some fundamental facts regarding the Samoyed coin that investors should be aware of:

The Samoyed token is a meme token that runs on the Solana blockchain, which makes it a powerful token in and of itself.

The Samoyed coin is a community-owned token that aims to make cryptocurrency enjoyable and straightforward for both users and investors.

The coin’s name “SAMOYED” is derived from the Doge, a dog-themed coin. As a result, its growth in the coin market and appeal to consumers and investors is aided.

Despite being just a few months old, the Samoyed token has amassed a large following and surged in price and market capitalization.

The Solana Ecosystem is the foundation for the coin.

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Date of Publication

The Samoyed token, which was only introduced a few months ago, has witnessed a huge increase in its price, market capitalization, number of users, and even its rank on CoinMarketCap, indicating that it is a highly promising cryptocurrency in the future.

Because it has some solid backings and is built on a strong blockchain environment, the coin is predicted to continue to appreciate in value and volume of holders and dealers.

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Address and Market Capitalization of the Samoyed Coin Contract

With its ascent, the Samoyed token’s tokenomics have changed significantly, as more and more investors express interest in the coin.


Here is some basic facts regarding the Samoyed token’s tokenomics:

The total quantity of the Samoyed coin is over 10 billion coins, or 10,298,477,430, with a circulating circulation of over 2 billion coins, or 2,729,000,000.

A total of 5.6 percent of the coin will be issued over time, with the remaining 14.4 percent going to prizes and airdrops for early investors and users.

10% of the Samoyed token is used for marketing and expansion of the coin, with the remaining 3% going to the Samoyed token’s core staff.

2.1 percent of the coins were destroyed at launch, and more than 64 percent were expected to be burned over the course of three events, according to reports.

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Price and Contract Information

The price of the Samoyed token is $0.14 at the time of writing this article, and it has increased significantly since its inception.

7xKXtg2CW87d97TXJSDpbD5jBkheTqA83TZRuJosgAsU is the Samoyed contract address.

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Where can I get a Samoyed Coin?

The Samoyed cryptocurrency has yet to be listed on major exchanges and trading platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, and others, despite the fact that it is just a few months old.

However, investors and users should be aware that the Samoyed currency can still be purchased and held on a number of alternative exchanges and trading sites.

Here are some of the exchanges and venues where the Samoyed currency can be purchased:

  1. AAX

2. Bittrue

3. LBank


5. AEX

These are some of the exchanges where you can easily buy and sell the Samoyed token.


Is Investing in Samoyed Coin a Good Idea?

Because of the solid ecosystem and blockchain on which it runs, the Samoyed coin SAMO has seen substantial development and rise in the crypto market since its launch.

The Samoyed currency is expected to continue to rise in the coin market, achieving a good price and eventually being listed on major exchanges and trading platforms.

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